Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On This Big Lonely Ocean

sometimes it seems that we’re all set afloat
on this big lonely ocean in our own little boat
just set adrift at the mercy of the tide
waiting for the current to give us a ride

sometimes you’re out there floating in the middle
and you’re feeling alone, insignificant and little
when you’re all by yourself just drifting away
you gotta hang on for one more day

I’ll throw you a line, I’ll put out a net
pull our boats together and see where we get
try to remember you’re not on your own
there are a million little boats trying to find a way home

and there’s a much better chance if we all band together
we can survive any storm, endure the bad weather
and if collectively we fight off the attack
there’s a pretty good chance we can all make it back


  1. Sometimes you just have to trust in the universe and let go :)

  2. Thanks for posting this Charlie. A nice reminder that even if we are adrift, we are not alone :-)