Wednesday, October 19, 2011


you were a baby long ago
what words to use, you didn’t know
all your needs, all your questions
were all conveyed through your expressions

I could look into your eyes
see joy, contentment or surprise
you didn’t really have a choice,
you were too young to use your voice

complaints, agreement, interaction
frustration, envy, satisfaction,
words you didn’t need to say
often now get in the way

but now each time I look at you
I really haven’t got a clue
you’ve learned to mask your feelings well
now what you’re thinking I can’t tell

your words they tell convincing lies
while your expressions you disguise
you’ve learned to use words to deceive
and I can’t tell what to believe

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Eleventh Hour

“ an eye for an eye,” their battle cry
a death row inmate waits to die
nothing left to do but wait
one last hour to contemplate

as rich, old men decide your fate
vigil persists outside the gate
the men in robes deliberate
there’s nothing more they can debate

statement issued, conviction stands
your fate’s in someone else’s hands
the Governor could intervene
but as of yet has not been seen

protesters continue chanting
witnesses have been recanting
saying they had been coerced
their testimony was rehearsed

eleventh hour, a statement read
the prisoner is pronounced dead
proponents let out muffled cheers
supporters breaking down in tears