Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your Undivided Attention (Villanelle)

has the outcome been decided
are disagreements so profound
in a country so divided    

once the rhetoric’s subsided
why can't we find some common ground
has the outcome been decided

everything seems so one-sided
when will a compromise be found
in a country so divided

are the people just misguided
the ship of hope has run aground
has the outcome been decided

all the tools have been provided
to try and turn this thing around
in a country so divided

left and right wings have collided
our nation struggles to rebound
has the outcome been decided
in a country so divided

Saturday, February 18, 2012

On a Mission

grab the bible and the forty-five
it’s time to go out preaching
it’s a real strange world
and you never know what sort of crazy psycho
might be on the other side of the door
ready to confront you and challenge your beliefs
so you have to protect yourself
because not everyone understands Jesus
and some folks just have to be shown the way

The Crazy Cat Lady (Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty)

The fire department was called to the parking lot
out behind Wal-Mart today
to rescue a middle-aged, white, woman
who became stuck in a storm drain.
She was stuck for several hours
and said she climbed in to rescue a kitten.
With the help of the firefighters, she did rescue the kitten.
It was on the local news, she was a hero
and Wal-Mart donated a years supply of cat food.
I didn’t say anything,
but I saw her climb into the storm drain
right after she called 911
with the kitten already in her arms.

Empty Houses

rows of empty houses
rotting to the ground
totally abandoned
since the Navy Base shut down

while homeless veterans sleep in streets
or out beneath the stars
some single moms with tiny kids
are living in their cars

officials say, “it’s crazy”
and want the homes torn down
“there’s too much unemployment
already in this town”

still homeless veterans walk the street
with nothing left to lose
searching for a meal to eat
in ancient wore out shoes

politicians say, “let’s do a study,
let’s first get all the facts.”
while more forgotten warriors
keep falling through the cracks

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All Thumbs

I’m ready for whatever comes
and I will take it all in stride
thankful for opposable thumbs

trapped in the house my mind succumbs
I turn the knob and go outside
I’m ready for whatever comes

while picking apples, pears or plums
I hold a basket by my side
thankful for opposable thumbs

I reach to pick up tiny crumbs
from off the floor where they reside
I’m ready for whatever comes

strumming guitar or playing drums
or when my shoes become untied
thankful for opposable thumbs

to grab a boob or pinch some bums
if opportunities provide
I’m ready for whatever comes
thankful for opposable thumbs