Sunday, April 24, 2011


taking up space
taking up time
we sit
the stones and I

Steel Wheels

they plow the land
and plant the fields
and do it all
on steel wheels

use gasoline
and diesel fuel
but rubber is
the devil’s tool

when they travel
along the road
horse and buggy
the preferred mode

they try to stick
to their ideals
and ride around
on steel wheels

Rodeo Clown

she puts on her make-up
her own special way
with all kinds of colors
from back in the day
covers her cheeks
with rosy, red blush
like it was put on
with a house painter’s brush
baby blue shadow
to bring out the eyes
penciled on eyebrows,
a look of surprise
puts on red lipstick
with a big “pucker up”
much brighter red
then the town’s fire truck
now, she’s all ready
to head into town,
as a lonely, old widow
or a rodeo clown?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When I Went To Bed

The earth was still spinning when I went to bed
and I woke up in a completely different place
it was a different time, eight hours into the future
in this new space, in this new time
I decided to make a fresh start


I’m not afraid of crying
not afraid to make it known
and I’m not afraid of dying
just afraid to live alone

And I’m not afraid to love you
just afraid to let you know
I’m afraid that if I hold too tight
you might decide to go

I’m not afraid of darkness
and I’m not afraid of pain
I’m afraid to make a venture
For the fear there’ll be no gain


Some with two legs
Some with four
Some with six legs
Some with more

Some with feathers
Some with hair
Some with fur
Some are bare

Some have arms
Some have fins
Some have wings
Some just skins

Some with noses
Some with snouts
Some with beaks
Some without

Some make noises
Some can speak
Some are silent
Some can shriek

Some have fingers
Some have claws
Some have hoofs
Some have paws

Some in dens
Some at home
Some in nests
Some just roam

Some are yellow
Some are blue
All are different
One is you

Honey Bee

“You’re one in a million ,”
that’s what they say
but when I look around
I don’t feel that way
there are thousands of others
we all look the same
the fact I’m a honey bee
may be to blame
I have some ideas
about how things should be
but I’m just a worker
no one listens to me
if I do my own thing
I’ll create a big scene
and there’ll be hell to pay
when it reaches the queen
so I just keep working
and cleaning the hive
and packing up honey
to keep us alive
then off to get nectar
I’ll make a bee line
out into the meadows
to see what I find
I’m a worker bee
no time to relax
when I finish that
I have to make wax
to cap off the cells
and repair broken comb
why couldn’t I be
just a lazy old drone?

Roadside Service

another tree with the bark ripped off
a mound of flowers, a wooden cross
a soccer ball, a teddy bear
the burnt remains of a safety flare
a set of skid marks, torn up grass
an oil stain, some shattered glass
friends all gather at the sight
holding candles, burning bright
try to figure what went wrong
break into his favorite song
remember stories through the years
some bring laughter, most bring tears
reminisce about a friend that’s gone
who wasn’t on this earth that long
someone’s brother, someone’s son
why did he have to die so young?
we’ll never drive by here again
not without remembering

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On This Big Lonely Ocean

sometimes it seems that we’re all set afloat
on this big lonely ocean in our own little boat
just set adrift at the mercy of the tide
waiting for the current to give us a ride

sometimes you’re out there floating in the middle
and you’re feeling alone, insignificant and little
when you’re all by yourself just drifting away
you gotta hang on for one more day

I’ll throw you a line, I’ll put out a net
pull our boats together and see where we get
try to remember you’re not on your own
there are a million little boats trying to find a way home

and there’s a much better chance if we all band together
we can survive any storm, endure the bad weather
and if collectively we fight off the attack
there’s a pretty good chance we can all make it back

Night Sky

all the wonders that the daylight conceals
come out of hiding when the night sky reveals
moons, planets, floating debris
all kinds of interesting things to see
shooting stars may fill the skies
or maybe simply fireflies
space stations, shuttles, satellites
maybe a show of the Northern Lights
bats and moths may fill the air
we know mosquitoes will be there
when our massive sun has left the skies
a million little suns arise
all these things the night sky can provide
but you’ll miss them all if you don’t go outside

Herd Mentality

with piercings galore
in each ear at least four
because you only want to stand out
but more holes in your ears
just to impress your peers
is that really what life is about?

although you think it’s unique
a diamond stud through your cheek
a sparkle to let everyone see
but when all of your friends
follow all the same trends
really how unique can it be?

obsessed with things
like belly button rings
and how many piercings you’ve got
your nipples were done
and a stud through your tongue
as you show the tattoo on your butt

and the one on your back
made you part of the pack
though you say you got it only for you
it’s the one you regret
that you’d like to forget
wish there was something you could do

so with nothing to loose
get some more tattoos
and try to become someone new
but you don’t really think
as you pick out your ink
there’s a million that look just like you

Health Care

I believe in holistic medicine
but it’s a little bit out of my range
so I’m stuck with halfasstic medicine
and left feeling a little bit strange


cockroach scatters across the floor
Jehovah Witness at the door
a can of poison I do spray
but just can’t drive these pests away
shut off the light, pretend I’m sleeping
but the doorbell still keeps beeping
I put out a Roach Hotel
chances are I’m going to hell
I’m watching the Jehovahs leave
open the door and can’t believe
they left a stack of religious fodder
that I roll into a cockroach swatter

Inconvenient Disaster

players had just taken the court
shooters about to take their aim
just then a breaking news report
please don’t interrupt my game

really sorry for your disaster
I know that you are not to blame
but could you just get through it faster
and please don’t interrupt my game

earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes,
news reports all sound the same
still one simple fact remains
please don’t interrupt my game

it sucks about your tragedy
people die and that’s a shame
not blind to your catastrophe
but please don’t interrupt my game

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Play

she gave me a full access pass
orchestra pit
back stage and all
the play was fantastic
even though there was one act
that still makes her a little nervous

Dried Fruit

I didn’t start out
as a wrinkly old prune
I was once a young plum like you
but those years in the sun
hanging out having fun
well, there isn’t a lot you can do

like you I once
was in great shape
but even a raisin
starts out as a grape
you just can’t avoid it,
ask any of my friends
they’re all looking weathered,
that just how it ends

cover it with make-up,
try to deny it
stay out of the sun,
eat some special diet
collagen injections
or maybe a tuck
but sooner or later
you run out of luck

the best you can do
is postpone it a while
but in the end
you just gotta smile
and hope maybe someone
might still find you cute
and spend the rest of your days
with some other dried fruit

Infrastructure - (Villanelle)

we notice not the slow decay
of rotted wood or rusted steel
as manmade objects fade away

diminished slowly day by day
while over time the cracks reveal
we notice not the slow decay

the corners bend, the edges fray
these damages we can’t conceal
as manmade objects fade away

a coat of paint, a short delay
but soon that paint begins to peel
we notice not the slow decay

great monuments were built to stay
on solid ground with grand ideal
as manmade objects fade away

there’s nothing more that we can say
just act as if it’s no big deal
we notice not the slow decay
as manmade objects fade away

Monday, April 4, 2011


I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were connected to each other
in so many ways -
but not really.
Social networking, tweeting and blogging were big,
as if someone gave a shit
what I had for breakfast
or as if I gave a shit
what kind of tea they were drinking
but we commented anyway
because it made life seem less lonely.

We watched reality TV
thinking, “I wish that was me ”
or “ I’m glad that’s not me ”
and “has beens” and “wannabes “
competed at dancing.

Back then, we drove big cars
and pick-ups
and SUV’s
that used lots of fossil fuel
but we built a few small cars
and a hybrid every now and then
so we could feel good about ourselves
and the environment.
These cars were linked to satellites
and told us exactly where we were on the planet
and where the nearest Starbucks was,
where we could order a “Trenta” latte
for about the same amount of money it cost
to feed a small child in Somalia for a month.

We were so naive back then.

Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday.

I Blame Fred

Damn you, Fred Rogers
for telling me I was special
You really had me going there for a while
and the whole time
you were telling everybody in the country
that they were special, too
while the Asian kids were kicking our asses
in math and science
because they knew that they were not special
and they had to work hard
because there were thousands of others
ready to take their place should they fuck up

Now the neighborhood is in shambles
and we are left standing in the unemployment line
wearing our button-up sweaters

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I drove across this expansive country
to see the beauty for myself
view the grandeur
nature’s masterpiece
as I stood alone

just me

and a few million strangers
we took away
and photographs
left only footprints

huge carbon footprints

In This Vessel - (Villanelle)

in this vessel of blood and bone
thoughts just echo through my head
I silently, reside alone

throughout the years while I have grown
I’ve thought about the life I’ve led
in this vessel of blood and bone

I’ve thought about the seeds I’ve sown
and thought about the words I’ve said
I silently, reside alone

emotionally, I’ve turned to stone
while feeling like my soul is dead
in this vessel of blood and bone

and all the people I have known
who shared a meal, a house, a bed
I silently, reside alone

with all the chances I have blown
and all the choices made instead
in this vessel of blood and bone
I silently, reside alone