Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Herd Mentality

with piercings galore
in each ear at least four
because you only want to stand out
but more holes in your ears
just to impress your peers
is that really what life is about?

although you think it’s unique
a diamond stud through your cheek
a sparkle to let everyone see
but when all of your friends
follow all the same trends
really how unique can it be?

obsessed with things
like belly button rings
and how many piercings you’ve got
your nipples were done
and a stud through your tongue
as you show the tattoo on your butt

and the one on your back
made you part of the pack
though you say you got it only for you
it’s the one you regret
that you’d like to forget
wish there was something you could do

so with nothing to loose
get some more tattoos
and try to become someone new
but you don’t really think
as you pick out your ink
there’s a million that look just like you

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