Monday, April 4, 2011


I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were connected to each other
in so many ways -
but not really.
Social networking, tweeting and blogging were big,
as if someone gave a shit
what I had for breakfast
or as if I gave a shit
what kind of tea they were drinking
but we commented anyway
because it made life seem less lonely.

We watched reality TV
thinking, “I wish that was me ”
or “ I’m glad that’s not me ”
and “has beens” and “wannabes “
competed at dancing.

Back then, we drove big cars
and pick-ups
and SUV’s
that used lots of fossil fuel
but we built a few small cars
and a hybrid every now and then
so we could feel good about ourselves
and the environment.
These cars were linked to satellites
and told us exactly where we were on the planet
and where the nearest Starbucks was,
where we could order a “Trenta” latte
for about the same amount of money it cost
to feed a small child in Somalia for a month.

We were so naive back then.

Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday.


  1. And to think one day we will be saying this...and calling it "The Good Old Days". Interesting take and clever write!

  2. btw...this poem was the inspiration for my poem "reality bites". Check it out if you have some time!!!

  3. one day your poem will be true...i imagine the writer sitting in a bunker to protect themselves from the poisoned air...

  4. so true....even now i wonder about it.....

  5. I can relate. I remember the 80s and 90s like yesterday.

  6. I LOVE this, and your obvious deep wit and highly observant nature.

    And guess what? I had hibiscus mint tea today. (Like you'd give a shit.) :) It was good tho. Cute little round ice cubes in it.

    Haven't tweeted in like, how long? And been on FB 5 minutes in the past month.


  7. I love this, a true view of society today.
    A great read, thank you :)

  8. this should be in a time capsule :)
    nicely done!

  9. Yep. I reckon it was! Nicely done, Charlie!

  10. A friend of mine used to say "True Dat" and it seems appropriate now. Smiles

  11. I hope I live that long. Cool write!

  12. best wishes,
    Thanks for linking to poetry picnic.