Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Night Sky

all the wonders that the daylight conceals
come out of hiding when the night sky reveals
moons, planets, floating debris
all kinds of interesting things to see
shooting stars may fill the skies
or maybe simply fireflies
space stations, shuttles, satellites
maybe a show of the Northern Lights
bats and moths may fill the air
we know mosquitoes will be there
when our massive sun has left the skies
a million little suns arise
all these things the night sky can provide
but you’ll miss them all if you don’t go outside


  1. I always regret not taking the time to stargaze more then I do. Nice mix of rhyme and celestial contemplation.

  2. this is a favourite past time when we holiday in france away from street lights and sitting in relative warmth ...thanks for reminding me ..well put thank you

  3. 'when our massive sun has left the skies
    a million little suns arise'

    What a lovely way to express the stars in the night sky. Very nice picture you paint here, Charliel

  4. lovely..i love looking up at the night sky and marveling at the heavenly wonders...have always been since i was a kid...

  5. Glad that it is finally the time of year when I an do this without freezing. The night sky in quite a treasury!

  6. I enjoy being reminded of experiences I would miss if I don't break out of my routines. Thank you for advising me to remember the night sky! :D