Saturday, April 23, 2011

Honey Bee

“You’re one in a million ,”
that’s what they say
but when I look around
I don’t feel that way
there are thousands of others
we all look the same
the fact I’m a honey bee
may be to blame
I have some ideas
about how things should be
but I’m just a worker
no one listens to me
if I do my own thing
I’ll create a big scene
and there’ll be hell to pay
when it reaches the queen
so I just keep working
and cleaning the hive
and packing up honey
to keep us alive
then off to get nectar
I’ll make a bee line
out into the meadows
to see what I find
I’m a worker bee
no time to relax
when I finish that
I have to make wax
to cap off the cells
and repair broken comb
why couldn’t I be
just a lazy old drone?

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