Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dried Fruit

I didn’t start out
as a wrinkly old prune
I was once a young plum like you
but those years in the sun
hanging out having fun
well, there isn’t a lot you can do

like you I once
was in great shape
but even a raisin
starts out as a grape
you just can’t avoid it,
ask any of my friends
they’re all looking weathered,
that just how it ends

cover it with make-up,
try to deny it
stay out of the sun,
eat some special diet
collagen injections
or maybe a tuck
but sooner or later
you run out of luck

the best you can do
is postpone it a while
but in the end
you just gotta smile
and hope maybe someone
might still find you cute
and spend the rest of your days
with some other dried fruit


  1. There is more than just a raisin of truth in this one!

  2. From one fellow fruit to another, this was a lot of fun to read Charlie! Very clever!

  3. I enjoyed this one a lot! The fruit may be dried, but the flavor is more intense!

  4. Aaw, raisins are tasty. Great piece. : )

  5. a nice story on growth, maturity :)
    happy rally!!!

  6. I taste some dry humor here-- many raisins to love this one :)

  7. Ha! I know what you mean, Charlie! Nice write!

  8. ... but i like raisins, haha!

    great write.

  9. Ha ha ha….funny piece here.
    however, tis true.

    nice rhyming and message.

    good job.

  10. I don't think anyone has mentioned the wonderful laxative quality of prunes yet... *big smile* But this is far from laxative! Perfect for the festive season and definitely brought a big smile to my face!

  11. There's something about prunes and raisins that make a humorous poem. ;)

  12. This is so cute but truly introspective.

    For which one of us doesn't eventually turn into a prune?

  13. Love it :) A great idea, and nothing wrong with dried fruit at all

  14. I enjoyed this read so much, that I'm following your blog!

  15. enjoyed the lovely analogy -great lines , a lot of fun and reality here.