Friday, March 4, 2011


The cycle once again begins
as maple trees send out swelling buds
that become leaves,
fresh new growth,
that hides the leaf scars of years gone by.

Robins are busy searching.
Searching for mates.
Searching for straw to repair their nest
after winter’s harsh treatment.
Searching for food for their young.

Young trout swim safety in the shallow pools
but are compelled to take risks
and venture forth
into dangerous,
fast moving waters.

Meanwhile, the crocus bravely pushes
up through the earth
and makes a stand,
competing for it’s share of the springtime.

Deer feed in open meadows.
New fawns play in the warm, spring sunshine,
unaware of potential danger
from winter, hunters or dogs.

Like the maple, I too,
cover old scars with new growth.
Like the robins, I too,
am searching.
Like the trout , I too,
am compelled to venture forth
and to  take risks.
Like the crocus, I too,
must compete.
Like the fawn, I too,
am ignorant of possible danger.

Yes, the cycle once again begins.


  1. how you bring it around to personal at the end...we all need those springs in our own lives...

  2. Charlie,
    I love the way you gave us a detailed sketch of the happenings of spring, and then likened them...
    Nicely done.
    Here's what the prompt inspired from me:

  3. Charlie, this is one of my favourites of yours!
    So lovely!