Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Haunting Image

young boy dying of starvation
skeleton loosely wrapped in skin
just meters from a relief foundation
without the strength to make it in

check the settings, watch the light
shoot in color or black and white?
crop the photo, get in tight
got to get the exposure right

photo caught his last expression
fleeting end to all his pains
vacant eyes leave an impression
just the photograph remains

digital image hits the wires
awards are given for the shot
photographer, he then retires
but the image still cannot

few weeks later with depression
and a gun blew out his brains,
no longer held in his possession
still the photograph remains


  1. Charlie,
    You got me this one..
    I too wrote about writing some time back- quite in line with yours were my thoughts about it! I loved how well you have woven this one!

    The impression- image/words, they stay forever :)

    Hugs xx
    Writing it out

  2. What a powerful piece! I often think of this very thing when I see those pictures-what are the photographers thinking/feeling? Do they just walk away after or do they try to help? Nice job on a very difficult subject.

  3. sad and powerful imagery.
    superb delivery.

  4. Wow, what a powerful piece!!

  5. Very, very poignant. I never know how to feel when photographs like these are taken/viewed/celebrated as art.