Monday, March 14, 2011


no way in hell can this thing fail
we’ve thought of every last detail
nothing can bring us to our knees
it’s loaded with redundancies
no matter what, make no mistake
with systems built for safety’s sake
you have our word, we state our case
back-up procedures all in place

the ground may move, the earth may shake
built to withstand the largest quake
no cause for worry, no need to doubt
we’ve got the whole thing figured out
so, don’t complain and please don’t bitch
there may have been a little glitch
before you all get out of hand
just let us try our back-up plan

we have noticed your frustration
concerns about the radiation
but let us once again be clear
there’s really no alarm for fear
for anyone who lives down-range
we’ll let you know of any change
please be assured until that time
that everything is going fine


  1. vivid capture of unexpected events, positive ending.
    eloquent poetry.
    keep it up.

  2. Dark-hearted LOL, given the bulls**t that the Japanese gov't is trying to sell its citizens. . . shaking head...

    Good piece, my friend.

  3. Good one Charlie. This is the first piece I read of yours on the discussion board. You're really 'spot on' I think about it every time there is another news report about it.

  4. Very dark and so appropriate,given the state we're in on this big blue ball we live on.