Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Used to Speak in Photographs

I used to speak in photographs
everything I needed to say
could be said in black and white
I’d punctuate in tones of grey

then they took the film away
and gave digital cameras to everyone
and cheapened the art form
the way ill conceived tattoos
can cheapen the look of a woman’s body

everything now is photographed
from every angle, in slow motion,
in ultra high speed, in high definition,
and I find it hard to find my voice
through all the static

most times now I speak in poetry
where everything I need to say
can be said in black and white
I still punctuate in tones of grey


  1. Testify.Love the last verse--wicked.

  2. speak in photograph and poetry...

    what a creative way to say.
    love it, smart reflections.

  3. Very profound words, Charlie. Excellent write!

  4. Very nicely done! I agree, digital has created an element of distrust. Is it even real? Now everyone is a photographer! But it can still be an incredible voice for expression.

  5. Very well stated ~~ I understand your stance!

    I've finally made an agreement with myself ... I take photographs, write and paint - for my enjoyment or it is a mark of a memory. Not everyone may relate to my specific piece of expression ... no one else can appreciate but me - however, if I derive satisfaction, joy, release or whatever -- then I am learning to give myself permission to allow that response.

  6. I agree Becca, I feel that way with my poetry but with my photography I have a harder time not caring what others think. I guess because I did it for a living for a long time...if you are taking someone's wedding photos it's not just about the satisfaction I derive but I really need to please other people as well,lol.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments,

  7. I am a lover of black and white photography also. To me it requires so much more talent and I love the contrast of light and shadow. My prompt which will be up today at 4PM PST is a good fit for this poem and I'd love to have you link if you have time. (My husband was a photographer, too). Victoria

  8. I can relate to the sentiments expressed. The verse:

    "most times now I speak in poetry
    where everything I need to say
    can be said in black and white
    I still punctuate in tones of grey"

    Speaks volumes...beautiful write.

  9. This is so familiar; I can very much relate. You have a talent.

  10. Yes... Definitely tones of gray are what poetry is all about.
    Very nice.