Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time Piece

when time got started
way back when
the sky kept track
for ancient men
it was either
dark or light
work all day
sleep all night

in grandpa’s day
time took its time
on antique clocks
you had to wind
a majestic timepiece
kept the rhythm
or a pocket watch
that he kept with him

then electric devices
came on the scene
minutes spit out
by silent machine
with no tick-tock
the seconds left
this soundless clock

now the time
is everyplace
dashboards, cell phones
in your face
contraptions without
moving parts
constantly glowing
in the dark

to show that life
is racing by
can’t avoid it
if you try
and you can only
sit in haste
and contemplate
the time you waste


  1. your words bring one peace and enjoyment.
    a message well delivered.

    Happy Rally.

  2. the rhymes in the beginning....loved them. A nice write as well :)
    Enjoy the rally!

  3. Yes, time marches on!! Love your observations Charlie. Very clever!

  4. Time does not stop for anyone. A great poem.

  5. Does it what...brilliant piece. I hate this constant reminder that we can't relax...keep up or get left behind. Well I am slowing down...on purpose! :)

  6. This is excellent. I want to rush around the house and turn off everything that displays time. Time is something we should own, not the other way around. I wonder how much time each of us spends in our life just checking the time?

  7. Great poem, we could all benefit from being in the moment and slowing down