Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shades of Grey

She paints a picture just for me
with colorful intensity
in hues that never fade away
and paints them all in shades of grey

She talks to me in black and white
and things are either wrong or right
She always knows just what to say
and says it all in shades of grey

I sometimes wonder what is real
and often don’t know how I feel
but when I start to drift away
she pulls me back with shades of grey

She never wears the color red
but opts for white or black instead
and when she feels she wants to play
she dresses up in shades of grey

She simply lives life day to day
doesn’t have a debt to pay
she won’t let love get in her way
just lives her life in shades of grey

I look at her, to my surprise
find beauty in her emerald eyes
She looks at me from far away
I fear she just sees shades of grey


  1. One of my all time favorites....just a lovely write.

  2. Thanks,Jebbi,one of my top two also.

  3. an excellent use of couplets and proof it can be done...between black and white, we find grey

    Peace, hp

  4. really thisis a beautiful write...i like the emerald eyes, but the always return to grey...this is very lyrical...

  5. Solid refrains, ideas, imagery, all that. Good piece.

  6. the rhyme was tight and it counted very well...the shades of grey also played a great statement throughout..nice poem..cheers pete

  7. very beautiful.
    welcome to poets rally, have fun.

  8. Oh my... this is simply lovely!! The tinges of wistfulness in it made it all the more lovelier!
    Oh, and by the way, grey just happens to be one of my favorite colors.. so this one has a special place in my heart...
    Oh.. and I totally loved the "dresses up in grey to play" bit.. that was the stroke of a genius, and spoke a 1000 words!

  9. This is excellent writing! Excellent rhythm, excellent rhyme, and an excellent way of combining romance, sensuality, and mystery in a poem!

  10. You have brought out the unique girl in this poem with a nice flow of words!