Sunday, January 16, 2011

Placebo Effect

I didn’t get the real thing
what I had was fake
but my effects were genuine
and that was no mistake
the feelings that I had were real
the words I said were true
the information that was false
was what I got from you
you treated me with placebo
who knew that it would work?
I swallowed the lines you fed me
now I’m feeling like a jerk
all the things you told me
I believed them at the time
just words made out of sugar pills
but they made me feel so fine
now everything you tell me
I just assume is fake
no matter how sincere it sounds
it’s a bitter pill to take


  1. This is fantastic and really such a hard truth for many of us!

  2. Perfect! but not the broken trust :)

  3. Very clever to pair those two types ofdeception. Kudos Charlie.

  4. bitter pill to take, true.
    lovely take.


  5. its a wonder people change so fast that we really ponder if it has got to do with our own mind or the other persons offensive ways.. here's mine..

  6. Yikes, Charlie!
    What an awful place to find oneself!
    Here's mine:

  7. Good one, Charlie. And sometimes placebos work.

  8. Beautiful rhythm and I hear the pain! Very nicely done.