Thursday, January 13, 2011


twisted thoughts rage through my head 
mind’s still living, body’s dead
bones are aching to the core
marrow feels like iron ore
legs lay heavy on the bed 
weakened muscles turned to lead 
breathing shallow, lungs are hollow 
I just drool but can not swallow 
loved ones stare into my eyes 
trying to tell if I’m alive
hoping they respect my plans 
my fate’s in someone else’s hands 
no way to express the pain 
morphine dripping in my vein 
in this vessel turned to stone 
silently, I die alone


  1. Wow! Felt like I was in the patient's head.

  2. mmm...this is heavy, fate in someone elses hands yet still alone...this one is very sad to me...

  3. not read? way..we need to be aware

    odd when the moment comes, we won't be there

    thoughts Charlie...thoughts

    Peace, hp

  4. Unfortunately... many die alone. Good picture of death.

  5. This would be an awful way to sign off. You've captured the melancholy in a very stark way. Vb

  6. Enjoyed this a lot. I'd like permission to use a few lines for next Monday's post. If yes, contact me at or dm @beachanny on twitter. Great use of anapests!

  7. Wondering if this was, in part, a bit of inspiration for one of your latest posts, "In this Vessel?"