Friday, January 27, 2012


the robot invasion
we waited for
so many years ago
while wearing our Dick Tracy decoder rings
has arrived
but I have no way to contact you without tipping them off

as we were watching for armies of large steel men
shooting lasers from their eyes
the clever little bastards slipped
Androids disguised as cell phones into our pockets
keeping track of where we’ve been
and what we’ve bought
and who we were with

they ingeniously distracted us
with innocent games of chance
or killing zombies
or angry birds

while we text and tweet and photograph it all
becoming increasingly dependent on these machines
still desperately trying to remain human,
they are getting into our bank accounts,
our medical records and mapping where we live

so I enter my observations into this mindless device
and send them off to strangers
hoping someone out there
still has a Dick Tracy decoder ring


  1. powerful journey in your words, smiles.

  2. Loved it and I smiled throughout the entire read. I think that one day, we'll wake up and our laptops, androids even our clocks will have wound their tiny wires around our throats or worse still totally plugged into our brains. LOL!! Blessings.

  3. I like this a lot. We are so dependent on our droids...You have captured that so well in your words. I still have notebooks full of my written words out of the sight of my computer. :)

  4. Ah Charlie, such clever observations you have captured here, (although who's observing who remains to be seen)!!! Love this. (I used to have a decoder ring, who knew we were supposed to save the darn thing until now?!!)