Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Write it Down

People say I’m incoherent
others think that I’m insane
light a fire but don’t stand near it
daffodils and pork lo mein

Maybe I’m not really crazy
maybe it is all an act
sometimes I might pick a daisy
take a bite and put it back

You may think that I’m absurd
butterflies and child-proof caps
I don’t know what you have heard
hemorrhoid cream and memory lapse

Perhaps I’m getting tired of life
maybe I’m just sick of you
they won’t let me near a knife
they’re afraid what I might do

My good jacket is at the cleaner
I borrowed this one off the rack
they are watching my demeanor
and the sleeves tie in the back

They want me to keep a diary
they ask me to write things down
then it turns to an inquiry
as they turn my words around

So now I’m writing random words
often swearing, sometimes shout
floating fish and sinking birds
more shit for them to figure out


  1. Love the first two lines:
    'People say I'm incoherent
    other's think I'm quite insane'
    Plus the whole 4th stanza:
    'Perhaps I'm getting tired of life
    maybe I'm just sick of you
    they won't let me near a knife
    they're afraid what I might do'

    I don't know, but I totally get this. What is that saying about me??!! Lol.
    Good one, Charlie!!

  2. Oh, man, this poem ROCKS! haha, more shit for them to figure out... fantastic! I love your style, man!

  3. fantastic wording.
    love the flow.
    happy rally.

  4. Some how I did not find this funny. More of a sad and lonely rant against what one is expected to conform to in life. As such I thought it was an excellent poem.


  5. Life is funny, life is horrible- and they can be both at the same time.

    This was fantastic.

  6. "Pretend to be normal or else" kind of world we live in, it might be fun to be that defiant. Enjoyed the poem. :)

  7. Normal is overrated anyway. Fantastic poem.

  8. I love this! People are far more interesting when they're not quite right in the head

  9. I like the defiance of your poem.

  10. "daffodils and pork lo mein" Quite random, but the part I liked the most. Maybe I'm just in love with poetry I can't make any sense of. It's just so wonderfully not-obvious.

  11. invite you to take our week 5 writing challenge,
    anything comes to mind would be awesome to share,
    hope to see your in.
    Happy Saturday.

  12. the vein of crazy that runs through this..the random yet unrandoms...much fun and makes your point...daisies dont taste that bad either...

  13. lotsa fun, Charlie. xxxj well done!

  14. ..o yeah, Brian said it all for me as well... i always have a soft side to anyone who could rhyme beautifully as such you did.. thanks for the poem.(:

    ~Kelvin S. M.

  15. I just loved this from beginning to end. An absolutely wonderful composition and flow. ~ Rose

  16. Charlie! hehe.. more shit indeed.. where ya been, brother?

  17. Tom Eliot:

    What a great write..Boombastic...real funny with word play to make your nose bleed a sont bubble... a blast

  18. Why do I feel guilty smiling at this poem? "daffodils and pork lo mein" - that's so great. Thanks for the laugh.

  19. Great poem - love the beginning :)

  20. If this is crazy, I love it. I must admit I get a bit of sadistic fun in keeping people wondering if I have lost my great work!

  21. The 5th stanza echoes in my head,
    'sleeves tie in the back' vivid picture in my head. Great piece.