Wednesday, February 23, 2011


might have been a childish thing to do
but I threw away all my pictures of you
trashed all the letters that you sent
box and all, the whole content
ticket stubs from our first date
I remember how I couldn’t wait
the birthday cards, little love notes,
all the poems you ever wrote
every gift you ever gave
there’s nothing that I want to save
nothing left to remind me of you
but my memories and this damn tattoo


  1. This is so heart-breaking to me, I really don't like the idea of love souring.

  2. so cool words.
    so powerful emotions.
    perfectly composed.

  3. This poem spoke to me, all except the part about the tattoo. Emotions were expressed well also.

  4. building up the bitterness knocking it sour with the final pun line. Nice writing

  5. I sense a little pent-up hostility and anger in this? And that's exactly why they say never get anyone's name inked on you!! Great expression in this Charlie. Cleverly written.