Thursday, February 24, 2011

Born Again Agnostic

you feel the need to fuel your dream
returning to a common theme
routinely like a Homing Pigeon
with songs and poems about religion

I know the story, I’ve thought it through
I once believed the same as you
I went to church, I’ve read the book
but then I took a second look

while innocent people die in vain
by famine, flood or hurricane
by the hand of this same god we praise
we just say “he works in mysterious ways”

what kind of god would just stand by
while helpless little children die?
don’t try to tell me there is a plan
that only he can understand

don’t leave your pamphlets in my door
don’t come to my house any more
and if I ever change my mind
you’re really not that hard to find


  1. Your voice speaks very loudly in this piece. I love your illustrations, even if I don't share your view. Do you post on any writing blogs? I think this link would be a great place to showcase this work. I like it. I really do.

  2. Thanks, Elaine...the one shot Wednesday was the first time I posted anything on that site. I have been writing for a while but have only recently started to get much of it out there. I'm glad you like this and I totally appreciate the fact that you don't share my view but you still liked the piece.