Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trailer Park Queen - LYRICS

she has the laugh of a child
Miss America lips
a movie star smile
and very shapely hips
she has the eyes of an angel
and a devilish grin
a ballerina’s legs
and a dimple on her chin
she’s got the cutest little body
that you’ve ever seen
with a mouth like a trucker
she’s the trailer park queen

don’t judge her by the clothes
that she happens to wear
you gotta look past
her really big hair
and maybe her make-up
is a little too much
and she might need to cut back
on the hairspray a touch
you may not understand her
but she’s somebody’s dream
she makes kids and puppies nervous
she’s the trailer park queen

well. she doesn’t like to cook
and she’s never read a book
but she can make a mean martini
serve it up in her bikini
she can down a shot of Jack,
Johnny Walker, Jim Beam
she drinks like a fish
she’s the trailer park queen

well, I wouldn’t want to cross her
wouldn’t wanna make her mad
she’s got a twelve gauge shotgun
that she got from her dad
I’ve never seen her use it
but I wouldn’t put it past her
they say she shot at someone once
but I’m not about to ask her
some things are better left alone
if you know what I mean
let’s just leave it at that
she‘s the trailer park queen

well, her waist is really narrow
and she drives a red Camaro
likes to take it into town
likes to cruise it all around
she loves to spin the tires
and create quite a scene
all the guys stop and stare
she’s the trailer park queen


  1. This cracks me up Charlie, pretty funny stuff!!

  2. with a mouth like a trucker - haha. This is a good one. Funny.

  3. lovely humor,
    very well done poetry.

  4. Love the redneck humor in this one. Fabulous rhythm as well.

  5. I think you've described my neighbor!

  6. Wow this is awesome, the flow and rhyming perfect and it is extremely entertaining =)