Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nursing Home Revisited Again

a photo of Reagan on the wall
Truman’s face hangs in the hall
then they trick me with a quiz
and ask me who the president is

they show me movies on TV
familiar faces I do see
of actors who are long since dead
I swear they’re messing with my head

calendars are always near
that show the month but not the year
they tell the day and what’s for lunch
what year it is I have no hunch

there are no current magazines
pictures all show by-gone scenes
all day long I have to see ‘em
it’s like I’m living in a museum

they never let me watch the news
afraid that it will just confuse
but Bingo they will let me play
they say I’m better off this way


  1. Wow. This brought back memories of my great-grandma in a nursing home. Very well written.

  2. My mother-in-law was in an Alzheimer's facility. It was just as you describe. But a nursing home? Not good.

  3. Heaven preserve us from ever reaching this place.

    Poetry24 - News is the Muse

  4. trapped, upset, and confused?
    well done.


    love the visual imagery.

  5. Oh that is so sad...I don't know what else to say it's just sad...but well written.

  6. Perfect picture painted. Sad, true, well written.