Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Words Today

no clever words have I today
no point of view must I portray
no catchy phrases to display
no thoughtful quotes have I to say

no witty words I want to write
no sentiments of pure delight
no brilliant thoughts of clear insight
no fires I feel I must ignite

no hidden secrets to unlock
no peaceful boat I need to rock
no pressure from the ticking clock
no stress to end this writer’s block


  1. Wow, writer's block really sucks. That and when our day jobs get in the way. You really said a lot here, conceptualizing and putting into words what we all have felt. Glad to feel your "voice" again.

  2. Extremely witty. I just love this. I'd like frame it and keep it at my desk. It's just great!

  3. This. I. love.

    And you do not have writers block. At least not today.